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Women of Africa

Photo Essay: Women of Africa

ForAfrika’s chief photographer, Sulette Theron reflects on her journeys around the continent and the women she has met along the way:
Refugees and the host community live peacefully side by side
Reaping rewards: James and the Giant Cabbages  ForAfrika’s agricultural programmes inspire peaceful co-existence between refugees and those who host them  Fred Mutenyo The dramatic increase in the number of refugees globally has cast a spotlight on conflicts that occur between refugees and their host countries. The competition for natural resources such as land, water and
“I am one of the privileged ones who get to travel across our beautiful continent of Africa. I count myself incredibly lucky to see its beauty. The scenic landscapes — from lush green forests and plains to deserts — are all so visually inspiring. But, I can promise you from first-hand experience, it is the
Give clean water today
The 68-year-old used to have to walk 15kms from home to get water from the river and battled to carry much back with her, so had to do the long walk every day.
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Love ForAfrika

Love is: having a little sister to hug In very tough and often heartbreaking contexts, love and compassion for our fellow human beings is what keeps us going. Love is also what allows mothers to walk vast distances to find treatment at a malnutrition clinic or fathers to search for a better source of water,
Keys to a new beginning: Principal Simollang Pooe has dedicated her life to creating a safe environment for the children in her community. The owners of these small crèches often do so for very little financial reward. Now she has the keys to a bright new establishment Early Childhood Development (ECD) – which usually takes
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Isabel’s new beginning

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In leaf: Alvina is happiest when busy in her garden Excited to share what she had learnt at school, the 12-year-old replicated the techniques at home and got her family involved By Arcenio Macuende Alvina Castigo Murrombe is just 12 years old but manages her vegetable garden like a professional. She is often knee-high in
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School feeding in Uganda

Children plant their own school lunches

In Uganda, where land is given to refugees, school children are being taught some valuable gardening skills School feeding in Uganda looks slightly different from the programme in other ForAfrika countries. Whereas most children in our other programmes are younger and receive a bowl of highly nutritious food each school day, the children in senior
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