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Emergency response stories

Give clean water today
The 68-year-old used to have to walk 15kms from home to get water from the river and battled to carry much back with her, so had to do the long walk every day.
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Cyclone Freddy hits Mabote
Escape: Dercia Jose Maunze managed to walk to safety in a neighbouring village after torrential rain caused flooding in Mabote The young student escaped the rising waters, but her village was cut off when roads were washed away Dercia Jose Maunze’s life was turned upside down when Cyclone Freddy hit her small village in the
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Cyclone Freddy decimates crops
Destroyed: Maria Nguila stands among her decimated cassava crops The full-time farmer is still reeling from the damage the tropical storm wreaked on her land Maria Nguila is devastated. The 57-year-old farmer from Vilankulo in Inhambane province, Mozambique watched as Cyclone Freddy decimated her crops last week. The heavy rains caused flooding; waterlogging her groundnut
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Cyclone Freddy Mozambique Emergency Response
En route: Roads were blocked by trees that had fallen over in the tropical storm, delaying ForAfrika’s team delivering essential supplies On 24 February, Cyclone Freddy hit the coast of Mozambique as a tropical storm. Heavy rains and flooding ensued. ForAfrika was prepared for the fallout. When Cyclone Freddy made landfall in Mozambique, ForAfrika was
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Love ForAfrika

Love is: having a little sister to hug In very tough and often heartbreaking contexts, love and compassion for our fellow human beings is what keeps us going. Love is also what allows mothers to walk vast distances to find treatment at a malnutrition clinic or fathers to search for a better source of water,
Lillian Achirochan Pibor Health Care Centre
The good nurse: Lillian Achirochan consults with a patient at the Pibor Health Care Centre. The centre in now under ForAfrika’s management Inter-communal conflict in South Sudan in December left 60 dead and many more injured and displaced. ForAfrika’s clinic staff stepped up to the task and took on emergency cases The lone teenaged gunshot
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